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Our Challenge

Knife and gang related crimes are on the rise affecting the lives of countless young people We believe that through targeted intervention we can break the cycle and create a positive impact on our communities

Our Solution

Boxing Empowerment

Engaging young individuals in sports activities is a proven method to build confidence, discipline, and teamwork. The Silverback Academy program offers boxing training and fitness, providing an outlet for energy and a platform for personal growth.

Mentoring for Success

Qualified mentors / coaches work closely with young people, offering guidance, support, and a positive role model. Through one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, we aim to build strong, trusting relationships that empower young people to make informed and positive choices.

Programme Components

Boxing Clinics

Regular sports focusing on teamwork, leadership, confidence building, and skill development.


one-on-one and group sessions with mentors.


Life Skills

Covering topics such and conflict resolution, decision making and goal setting.


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At Silverback Academy, we are dedicated to empowering young individuals to make positive choices and build resilience against the challenges they may face. Our Youth Empowerment Program in Schools is tailored to engage students aged 9-16 in a transformative experience that combines boxing clinics and mentorship sessions.

Boxing Clinics:

    • Our coaches lead fun and educational boxing clinics that teach discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence.
    • Sessions are designed to channel energy positively while instilling a sense of accomplishment.

Mentorship Sessions:

    • Experienced mentors provide guidance, support, and encouragement to students, fostering personal growth and goal-setting.
    • Topics include conflict resolution, decision-making, and building healthy relationships.

Life Skills Workshops:

    • Interactive workshops cover essential life skills such as communication, resilience, and goal setting.
    • The program aims to equip students with tools to navigate challenges both in and out of school.

Community Building:

    • Through team activities and collaborative projects, students develop a sense of belonging and community responsibility.
    • Opportunities for leadership development are integrated into the program.

By bringing Silverback Academy's Youth Empowerment Program into schools, we aim to inspire the next generation to become leaders who positively influence their communities.

residential care homes

We're stronger together

At Silverback Academy, we believe in creating a nurturing environment for every child.

Safe and Supportive Environment:

    • Silverback Academy prioritises creating a safe and caring space where children feel secure and valued.
    • Our team support care staff to ensure that each child's well-being is at the forefront.

Holistic Development:

    • We focus on the holistic development of each child, encompassing physical, emotional, social, and educational aspects.
    • Tailored programs and activities are designed to encourage personal growth and positive self-esteem.

Recreational and Social Activities:

    • Engaging recreational activities, including boxing and team-building exercises, foster a sense of joy and camaraderie.
    • Celebrations and outings are organised to create positive experiences and lasting memories.

Community Engagement:

    • Silverback Academy actively involves children in community events and projects, promoting a sense of belonging and social responsibility.

Life Skills Development:

    • Life skills workshops are conducted to empower children with practical skills necessary for independent living.
    • Focus areas include communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.

“Silverback Academy has increased the children’s confidence and helped them to engage in other educational activities.”


Get Involved

You can make a difference! Whether through volunteering, sponsoring, or spreading awareness, your support is crutial to the success of Silverback Academy. Join us in creating safter communities and brighter futures for our young people.

Together, we can build a safter and more promising future for our young people. Silverback Academy – Empowering lives, transforming communities for a safer future

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